The Panorama of Island Destinations aims to give a chance to all the islands of Greece and the Mediterranean, in order to promote their comparative advantages, their beauties, the sights, the services offered in each island, the thematic tourism possibilities that they have and to share them domestically and internationally, aiming finally in enhancing tourism in their region and the growth of their local economies.

The exhibition is under the auspices of EOT, Chamber Association for the Development of Greek Islands (EOAEN), the (KEDE) Central Union of Greek Municipalities, Greece2021 (greece2021) and tourism organizations, and is implemented in collaboration with the Hellenic Network of Small Islands.

The registration process at the reception of the Digital Exhibition Center of Mact Media Group is extremely user-friendly. Professionals and individuals can visit the Panorama of Island Destinations at no cost. Visitors to the virtual exhibition click on the exhibition center to explore the virtual stands. The virtual pavilions appear just like the pavilions of the physical exhibitions, they reflect an accurate image of a traditional pavilion with desk and chairs, with the company name, with space decoration as in the physical exhibitions. The visitor can request direct communication with one or more exhibitors via direct emails or a voice call or even through the chat room. Inside the virtual kiosks there are also icons, with which the visitor can download presentations or product catalogs along with brochures.